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Mold Repair & Reconditioning

Hogle Sales & Manufacturing, LLC will repair & recondition your molds to appear and perform like new again.  It is our recommendation that you schedule your molds to be repaired & reconditioned every 2 years to keep them running at their peak performance.  We offer this service at competitive rates and excellent turn around times. 


A standard R&R includes the following:

  • Inspect Neck Rings: Check height, pinch-offs, sandblast, zero shear steels, inserts, ect

  • Replace Pins & Bushings:  Insure bushing snugness, proper mold alignment

  • Clean Water Lines:  Remove water line corrosion, replace worn freeze plugs, and enlarge damaged “O ”ring“ C bores, ect

  • Repair Pinch-offs:  Insert, peen or weld beryllium or aluminum pinch-offs as necessary to insure proper trimming

  • Grind Parting Face & Back of Mold: (0.003 / 0.004 Normal); removes damaged material, allows molds to be rematched, pinch-offs to be resharpened

  • Rematch Cavities:  Improves container appearance and insures proper trimming

  • Re-Bore:  Mold top to accept neck ring / top block pilot, this is necessary to insure correct mounting of neck rings / top blocks

  • Re-cut Vents / Flash Pockets:  Maintains proper gram weight and proper venting per print specifications

  • Sharpen Pinch-off Angles:  Insures proper trimming

  • Sandblast / Clean Vents:  Improves container finish, better air venting

  • Water Test:  Ensures proper water flow, check for water leaks and damaged freeze plugs, “O” rings, cracked water lines, ect

  • Step Back Plates:  Necessary to insure standardization of top blocks

  • Maintain Shut Height:  Molds can be reworked (1) at a time so a set of molds can be matched to other sets

Additional Services that can be performed on your molds:

  • Broken Beryllium

  • Add Screw-In Pins & Bushings

  • Crack in Molds

  • Waterline Damage

  • Grind Mounting Plates

  • Repair Top Blocks

  • Replace Top Blocks

  • Heli-Coil Neck Ring Mounting Hole 

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